Rummy Variants

Why are there so many variants of the 13 cards game of Rummy?

The variants of the game are usually offered so that players of the game are able to challenge their ability and talent to play the game at various levels. Though there are many variants of the game the world over Indian Rummy offers two or three variants, which are as follows:

Traditional rummy – This is played for 201/ 101 points. Another option being best of three games

Strikes Rummy - This is played for cash, where the value of points is decided at the beginning of the game. The winner at the end of the game gets an amount that is the sum of losing players’ points multiplied by the points value less applicable charges

Online Rummy: The concept of Online Rummy has opened up a new world for the lovers of this game. It has made it more fun, more diverse and definitely more interesting. Players across India can delight in playing the game from locations that are convenient to them and at timings that suit them.

Rummy Banking: When Rummy Online Game Players are playing for cash, one of the main concerns is that of safe financial transactions. Online Rummy portals like Classic Rummy offer the best and safest options. Whether it is purchases or withdrawals, players have varied options making the whole experience very secure and easy.

Rummy Promotions: Promotions of Rummy games means more offers and favorable deals for players of the game. It means players can look forward to a Welcome Bonus, Regular Bonuses and also other additional promotions. Promotions could mean that for every special occasion, players would receive something extra. Like winning a gold coin for Akshaya Tritiya etc.

Rummy Reviews: When you are Rummy Game player, playing for the first time online or for that matter for the first time in a particular site, it is important to have that extra comfort. One of the things that provide this added comfort is reading the reviews and testimonials of other players who have already experience the pleasures of playing on the site. This gives you the confidence to startplaying on the site and try out new options.image 16 Rummy Variants

Rummy Winners: When playing competitive games like Rummy, one would like to know more about who they are competing with. This not only tells you about the heights that earlier players have reached, but also lets you know about the heights you can reach.


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