Strikes Rummy

This Rummy game consists of a prize money amount, depending on the decided monetary value of points, calculated on certain terms and conditions on the total of the losing players points.

Objective: To win maximum number of games thus increasing the chance of winning the cash prize.

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  • All the rules of traditional Rummy to be applied
  • The point value of each point to be decided before start of the game
  • Player can get a maximum of 80 points on losing
  • Anything below 80 points is awarded as it is
  • If a player does not play 3 turns in a row, he/she is deemed to be out of the game. This means that this player gets a middle drop score of 40 points
  • All players have option to discontinue the game in their turn, during the course of the game, though the points incurred may differ:
    • Dropping without picking out a card equals 20 points
    • Dropping after a turn gets 40 points

Strategy: To pick only the most relevant cards from the open pile. Quickly form sequences to avoid high points. Intelligent use of the Joker to maximum advantage.

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